Update: Civil Defence have informed me that they have assessed the situation and will be opening Portobello Road to all (not just residents) from 5pm tonight. At this stage school will be open for instruction as normal on Monday morning. However, due to ice this morning (causing a crash on Portobello Rd.) please keep an eye on these updates to ensure we can get staff and students to school, safely, therefore there is the potential for a late start - Greg (3pm, Sunday 23 July).

Update: I have spoken with the DCC and they have informed me that the slips on Portobello Road from town to Broad Bay have been cleared and that access is open. Therefore, unless the situation changes, at this stage school is open as normal for instruction come Monday morning - Greg (10am, Sunday 23 July).

At this stage school is set to be open for instruction on Monday morning. I have been in touch with the Ministry of Education regarding the slips on Portobello Road and will keep you updated if this situation changes - Greg (7pm, Saturday 22 July).