It's time to review our personnel policy. Please read and make any comment to by Monday, 6 August, 5pm so we can include the communities voice in our review, thanks.

2. Personnel Policy

The board delegates responsibility to the principal on all matters relating to the management of staff in the expectation that they will be managed in a sound, fair, and respectful manner in accordance with the current terms of employment documents and identified good practice. Therefore, the principal must ensure:

  1. that all employment related legislative requirements are applied.

  2. all employees their rights to personal dignity and safety and ensure that matters are resolved in an appropriate and fair manner.

  3. a smoke free environment is provided.

  4. that employment records are maintained and that all employees have written employment agreements.

  5. that employee leave is effectively managed and reported so:

    1. that the risk of financial liability is minimised, operational needs are met, and the needs of individual staff are considered.

    2. board approval is sought for any requests for discretionary staff leave with pay.

    3. board approval is sought for any requests for discretionary staff leave without pay of longer than 4 days.

    4. board approval is sought for any requests for staff travelling overseas on school business.

    5. the board is advised of any staff absences longer than 3 consecutive school days

  6. that performance agreements are established for all staff and that reviews are undertaken annually.

  7. a suitable professional development programme, which takes into consideration the requirements of the strategic and annual plans, is provided as part of each employee’s performance agreement.

  8. the requirements of the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 are met.

  9. Advice is sought as necessary from NZSTA advisors where employment issues arise.

Review schedule: Triennially