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Ski Camp

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Each year, ski camp provides our senior students with a unique opportunity to learn new skills, build confidence, strengthen relationships, and - most importantly - have a great time!

We all gathered at Dunedin North Intermediate (DNI) in the morning and waited patiently for the buses as there had been a fresh dump of snow over NZ that morning, which delayed our departure.

When we arrived at Coronet Peak and saw snow, everyone was excited. Some people had never even seen snow!

The Broad Bay School group stayed in the Otago Ski Lodge with some other DNI kids. The cabin was amazing. It had a table tennis room, bunk beds and a spectacular view.

We would wake up at about 7.00am, have breakfast and make our way up to the ski field. The others who had never been skiing before had their lessons first, then the people who had skied a few times had their lessons next, and so on. When it wasn't time for your lesson you had free skiing time - that was when you could whizz down easy slopes or try something new within your limits.

I think everyone who went to ski camp made so much improvement and all loved it. Skiing is a great way to set goals for yourself and overcome fears.

- Asher Armstrong, Year 7

Thank you very much to our wonderful parent fundraising group, Friends of Broad Bay School, for helping to make ski camp happen!

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