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Theatre and Dance with Lucy Marinkovich

Our students are thoroughly enjoying their work with dance artist and choreographer Lucy Marinkovich, the current Caselberg Trust Creative Connections Resident.

In April, we held a very special mihi whakatau to welcome dance artist and choreographer Lucy Marinkovich, the Caselberg Trust Creative Connections Resident. We were delighted to welcome Lucy and the Caselberg Trustees to our school and renew our partnership with the Trust.

As part of her Residency, Lucy is working with our students, creating small scale productions in parallel to her own work. Our senior students are creating their own miniature theatres and minute-long productions, which requires consideration of plot, character, music, scenery, and lighting. Our dedicated science tutors, John and Diana, are busy developing lessons on levers, gears, pulleys, etc to develop moveable aspects of the theatres. Graeme, another of our invaluable volunteers, has been teaching our students how to code. They've learnt how to code lights to switch on at different times and show different colours. The students will be using these skills to illuminate their own miniature theatres.

With principal Greg having starred in Les Miserables, we had the fantastic opportunity to visit the Regent Theatre for a behind-the-scenes look at a real set. Being on the rotating stage and having a tug-of-war with the pulleys were highlights for our students, who gained a lot of insights that sparked ideas for their own projects.

Our junior students have been making masks with Lucy and have loved it. The juniors will be using their masks during the term to explore dance and express themselves creatively. Lucy’s enthusiasm is infectious, and it's been very exciting for our students to work with her!

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