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Water Safety Programme 2022/23

Broad Bay School runs a long season of water safety lessons from beach to swimming pool over November – June every year, with amazing support from both parents volunteers and sponsors.

During 2022/23 season, hot weather has allowed us to run the open water safety classes at the local beach, from November 2022 through to March 2023. Friday was the highlight of the week with the students, teachers and parents, clad in wetsuits, walk down the road to the harbour and enjoy learning new skills and pushing their comfort zones in water, as well as enjoying the natural environment.

While School has been using its small collection of pool noodles, kickboards, body boards and life jackets for these classes, we have been very fortunate to receive support from the Otago Community Trust to expand the range of water safety equipment, which meant not only more kickboards, bodyboards, noodles and life jackets, but also buoys & anchors, ropes, lifesaving rescue tube & ring to allow for more structured lifesaving exercises.

New equipment have now been purchased and will be used from Term 4 when the Open Water Safety classes resume. We thank Otago Community Trust for their valuable support in providing the School an opportunity to further enrich our Open Water Safety programme.

Come Term 2 and the summer truly behind us, students have shifted to weekly indoor pool instructions at the Moana Pool. Junior and Senior classes take turn in receiving professional coaching from Just Swim team to consolidate their swim skills in more structured and focused manner as well as some fun time at the dive pool taking advantage of the different water experiences Moana pool has to offer. This 8 week programme is only made possible by the grant from Bendigo Valley Sports and Charity Foundation who has been supporting the School over the years in affording the transportation and swim lessons. We thank Bendigo Valley Sports and Charity Foundation for their generous support every year in making the swimming classes possible.

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