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We're Growing Our Playground!

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

In June, we received $2500 from the Bendigo Valley Foundation towards the construction of an inclusive, multi-sensory pathway that will link to our school playground.

The sensory pathway will be wheelchair/pushchair accessible. Scented plants will be interspersed along its length, as will different textures (plants, concrete, wood, stone) and various other features designed to stimulate the senses of touch, sound, smell, sight, and balance. Such stimulation benefits all of us, but particularly young people and those with processing/filtering difficulties as caused by conditions such as Asperger's, autism, and ADHD. While a person confined to a wheelchair or pushchair may not be able to use the main play equipment in our playground, the pathway will at least allow them to be in the same area as other children during play time. The pathway will benefit not only our students, but also the wider community, who make frequent use of our playground outside of school hours.

We give heartfelt thanks to parent and Board of Trustees member Nick Biggin, who has spent countless hours on playground improvements, including the repainting of existing equipment, building our pirate ship sandpit, and planning the new pathway. We also thank the Bendigo Valley Foundation for their generous support of our project.

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