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Senior Kaiako

Henrica joined the Broad Bay team in 2023. She comes to Broad Bay School with a passion for literacy, science, maths and the Enviroschool ethos. She also loves creating art lessons to develop close observation skills and to help develop a pride in their creations.
Henrica believes in supporting each student to make progress in their learning by making lessons which provide choice and develop self-management skills. She believes in making sure each child sees their culture and community in their learning to ensure it is relevant and engaging.
She has taught for many years and has also been seconded to Facilitator roles to support other teachers’ practice in science, literacy and the NZC.

Henrica is married to Paul, has two grown up sons and wonderful grandchildren in Perth and in Dunedin.
She loves writing, reading, gardening and cooking as well as spending time caravanning in our beautiful Motu.

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